Hi! Thanks for dropping by. We are C and J and we have been traveling together since 2009.

We started off as two programmers who were bit by the travel bug. We traveled on long weekends, as breaks from our desk jobs in Manila, Philippines. Going to the different islands in our archipelago inspired us to see more of the world.

Nowadays, we are more nomadic than an average resident and more rooted than an average backpacker. Traveling as IT expats is our new way of life.

We moved to Singapore in 2010 which became our home base to travel around South East Asia.

We are now based in the Czech Republic, a country in the center of Europe. This move became our jumping off point to explore the best of Europe.

TripSeeLog sounds like our favorite Filipino breakfast.

The “silog” suffix is very common in the Philippines. It's actually from a famous portmanteau that describes popular combinations of items in a typical Filipino breakfast: main dish + fried rice (sinangag) + fried egg (itlog).

It has both form and substance. Just like the way we travel.

Unlike simply aiming to tick-off every box in the travel checklist, our goal is to remind ourselves and inspire other travelers to seek biblical truths and to see God's intervention in every corner of the world.

We want to see and do the essentials in each place, while also seeing the evidence of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1) and growing in faith.
We want to eat well locally, while also being fed from God's word.
As our travel motto/verse from Psalm 34:8 goes, "Taste and see that the Lord is good!"

We believe there are distinctive travelers around the world who want to maximize their travel experience in the same way. TripSeeLog is a compilation of our comprehensive itineraries combined with relevant bible studies. This is our form of devotional travel.

Is your style of travel the same? Follow us!

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