Lessons learned in Italy

God has been so generous and loving to me. He has given me a great opportunity to travel to Italy. And this experience is amazing.
Early this year, I found a desire to go to Italy and experience its sights and wonders. But not only that, I also want to search for answers on things that I am struggling with and I feel that Italy can show me the answers.

One of the things that I am studying right now is the Book of Acts. It is the book in the Bible that tells you the story of the Miracles of Jesus done through His disciples and one of these disciples is named Paul.

As Paul struggles from the persecution of the Jews, he went to Rome to appeal to Ceasar about his case. And from there, a lot of things happened. My goal is to read this story as I go on my day to day travel in Italy.

I am not going to tell you the story of Paul and I do prefer that you read it yourself. But as I went through these scriptures, I realized that the story delivered from this book is still relevant to what is happening to me today.

One of the struggles that I am feeling is that I am very passionate. I involve myself too much that I end up being hurt and angry. And honestly, I want to learn not to care. I want to learn how I can give at the right amount of care and then let go if I am giving too much. I want to learn just to chill out and just leave everything in the hands of God.

Italy is best known with the phrase "La dolce vita" or "The sweet life" They love life and like living in it. They are passionate in the things that are important to them. Basically, they focus on just living. And I do like that.

As I go through the streets of Italy, it is fascinating to see their love for living. They will take 3-hour break if they want to. They will let you eat as long as you want. They will not rush you (Of course, you shouldn't rush them too). They will just enjoy the day even if it's a hot sunny day.
I know it is hard to link it to the story of Paul but somehow in my mind it is connected. Paul traveled to Malta and there they experienced a shipwreck. They are welcomed by the locals and he preached the Gospel to the people. For Paul, he is just living his life but little did he know that he was sharing information that can change and save a lot of people. After that he went to Rome and appeal to Ceasar about his case, and so on....

The Story of Paul and his journey to Rome made me realize that, while you are living your life, God is also using you to bring blessings to other people. You are like a bee. You are doing what God wants you to do but at the same time, you are spreading seeds that, one day, may grow into a beautiful flower.

Paul also showed me that as a Christian you should be with other people, believers and unbelievers alike, but be different. Do not be one with the world that likes darkness. But be light of the world. God uses you as a vessel so that other people may see His Glory. Your story, your attitude, and your experience can be used to bring glory to God.

So in conclusion, as I travel to Italy I realize that you can be passionate with things that are important to you. You don't have to push yourself too much so you can see some results but just do the best that you can do. This travel is a great reminder that just by  living your life in line with Christ's teachings, you are doing the purpose that God has given you. By enjoying life, you are able to spread the glory of God. Who you are and what you have become, can be a seed of inspiration to other people that can lead them to salvation.

Life is a beautiful gift from God. Just enjoy it.

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