Top 10 Things You Need To Do While Living in Brno

Ever wondered what are the things that you can do while living in the beautiful city called Brno? Wonder no more!

Here are the top 10 things that you can do while living in Brno:

1. Relax in the lake

Summer is one of the best seasons here in the Czech Republic. Bees are busy buzzing and the hot sun is out, emphasizing the blue skies. So why not visit the lake for some great relaxation? You can go swimming, have some picnic with your friends, just be by yourself, sit in the grass, and enjoy people watching.

3. Have fun in Veveří Castle

The Veveří Castle is most enjoyable to visit when Greek Saturday is happening. Every year, Greek Saturday is held in the castle where Greek food and activities are readily available. You can enjoy the view, eat good food, and learn more about the Greek-Czech culture.

4. Be in awe with Ignis Brunensis

Ignis Brunensis is one of my most awaited events here in Brno. It is a competition of fireworks from exhibitors all over the world. This year, we watched the event while sitting on the lake. Just take note that there are paid areas where you can view the fireworks, but, just a few meters away, you can still enjoy them for free.

5. Enjoy the Museum Night

Between April to June, the Czech Republic hosts a two-part grand event: the Brno Museum Night (Brněnská Muzejní Noc) and the Night of the Churches (Noc Kostelů). Museum Night is the first part where museums open at a discounted rate and allow people to learn more about Czech culture and history. It includes the Ossuary, Mendel Museum, Moravian Museum and many more.

6. Learn from the Night of the Churches

The Night of the Churches (Noc Kostelů) is the second part. This event allows churches to open for public viewing. They provide musical performances that I enjoy a lot.

7. Experience the Easter Market

After a long winter, Easter market is one great break that you will look forward to. It is somehow a mark or a hope that soon enough spring will come.

8. Be fascinated by the colors of Brno

Speaking of Spring.... Just in general, Brno is beautiful, most especially if it is accentuated by the flowers.

9. Get warm during Christmas Markets

Christmas is always a good time, even though it is super cold. And Brno is not getting left behind. If you find yourself cold and looking for something to do during this time, be sure to drop by the center and enjoy some Christmas treats in the market.

10. Discover more by Hiking

Lastly, do some what Czechs loves to do. Hike! Brno offers a lot of hiking paths. It can be to and from work or a 2-hour hike to your grocer. Basically, hiking is everywhere in Czech Republic. If you like, you can do a whole day walk or probably some camping. You can also plan something outside Brno. I do recommend Pustá Rybná, Zámek Rájec and Nový Hrad u Blanska. They are good places to explore.

Nový Hrad

Zámek Rájec

Pustá Rybná

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